Sunday, February 20, 2011

Moment of Beauty #51/365: Mood Swings

I took a lot more photos than two today but I couldn't decide on which one to use so I'm posting two today.  This was taken in the morning & it's pretty apparent that she's none too pleased.   What a beautiful dirty look!  The other thing I love about this picture is how sharp it is - I used the 105.

This one is SO much sweeter.  Like Bishop, she can light up the room with her smile.  Maybe it's because I'm their mom &, as a parent, we all feel this way about our children, & grandparents about their grandchildren too (can't forget you!!! :)  
Either way, sometimes there are no words to explain the joy I feel when I am around my children.  I am truly blessed.  They are the greatest gift and the greatest joy...


  1. Oh, I just love her gorgeous skin and those dark eyes! A little beauty she is... I had to laugh at that first's so cute.

  2. Uhoh... someone's in trouble with that first pic! haha... Her smile is so precious.