Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moment of Beauty #62/365: How can you resist?

He is truly the best.  Fresh at times but truly the best.  How can you resist this face?

This angelic face was immediately followed with:


  1. I like all of these that you just put up. The ones of your husband and dog are so cute, your children are beautiful, and I LOVE the hand shot.

  2. karren - i feel so out of touch i've been so busy lately. i was shown how to edit your posts and backdate so as long as i stick with taking a photograph every day i'm okay. off to visit everyone's blogs and try to catch up... hope you're well!

  3. Hi Pricilla, I laughed out loud over your comment about willing models. I just had to tell you the story. The baby was in all white and I wanted to break it up a bit so I bought that little kitty for her to hold. HA! If she had it in her hand, she was hitting her sister in the face or throwing it!! LOL...then if she did hold it for a split sedond, the 3 yr old grabbed it and made her cry. I have 50 shots of the cat flying through space, and the girls grabbing at eachother. I was lucky with this one though. It was one of the first ones before the action started 2 minutes into the shoot.