Saturday, January 1, 2011

Moment of Beauty #1/365: It's still the 1st somewhere!

So it's the very first day of P365 and I find myself sitting here in Boston at 1:54am without having posted my picture for the day...  but it's still January 1st on the west coast and the exif data will show that I did take the picture on the 1st (lol yes I just pulled the technical card)...  this is going to prove more challenging than i thought!  I started the day with my intro and then looked for some moments of beauty around me.  Easily found would be pictures of my family although i couldn't justify taking a picture of Corey in his sleep with his mouth ajar (hahaha)...  And I didn't want to take a picture of one of the babies and not the other, especially not for my first photo.

The photo I'm submitting for Day 1 is the choice by default because I let the day get ahead of me and didn't take another photograph for the rest of the day.  This one is of ornaments from our Christmas tree.  Everything was last minute this year for Christmas, including our tree, which turned out to be free (score!).  We even forgot ornament hangers so Corey made twist ties (look at the gold ball on the right).  This year's tree, however, is all the more special too because the ornaments hung represent three generations of my family on my father's side - my grandmother (who passed in 2007 and is the reason why I can bake), my aunt (who recently moved out of state and wasn't here for Christmas) and me.  Simple, created with love (and Corey's creativity - see his ribbon tie on for the gold ornament) and in focus...  this was my moment of beauty this morning...

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